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MPLS (Masa Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah)

Friday, 7 July 2023, is the first day of school for the first graders of SD SANTA MARIA Pekanbaru. In accordance with the government’s directives in the Merdeka Curriculum regarding the Transition of PAUD to SD, SD SANTA MARIA Pekanbaru will hold a FUN MPLS for two weeks.
MPLS or School Environment Introduction Period for new students is the first activity carried out by students when they enter school. The purpose of MPLS activities is to assist students in adapting to new school environmental conditions, includes aspects of security, environmental conditions, learning infrastructure and social conditions of the school, as a means of fostering creativity, a sense of responsibility, social interaction, spiritual development and activities that explore students’ self-potential. After completing the MPLS activities, we hope students will be familiar with the conditions of the school environment. On the first day, students walk around and enter some rooms, such as English lab, Music room, and library. On the second day, they played folk children games and monster balls. For the coming week, they are going to make handicrafts and prepare for a class performance.