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Students of The Month

WE are proud of our students for their achievements this month::
– Gino Tionata, 5th grade, won the 3rd Place in the 8th REGIONAL SCIENCE COMPETITION, City Level National Science Pre-Olympiad, Elementary School Mathematics in 2024, KOSWIL (Regional Science Competition). For the previous Mathematics round, Gino had passed the preliminary stage on March 17 2024. He competed with participants from various schools. Of the 122 people, 40 people with the highest points were selected to enter the grand final stage. On May 12 2024, Gino took part in the Grand final.
– Moraku Bintang Khatulistiwa, the 3rd place in the National National Speech Contest, 13th PPKn Olympics, University of Riau
Saturday, 11th May 2024. Congratulations Moraku!

Let’s join Santa Maria Elementary School and shine with us!