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Live Performance in Pekanbaru Mall

In commemoration of National Children’s Day (HAN) 2023, the Indonesian Child Protection Agency or LPAI Riau Province invited Santa Maria Elementary School to participate in activities at the Pekanbaru Mall. We sent delegates, namely the Modern Dance team and two Solo Song singers – Fransiska Ardi Putri and Shawn Moses.
It turned out that the committee was secretly assessing each performance. Praise God we become champions:
Modern Dance 1st Winner:
1. Gwen Felecia Situmeang
2. Aideline Chrishelda Gultom
3. Jeanne Yovela
4. Alicia Angelita Wijaya
5. Katherine Nauli
6. Ngesti Nauli
7. Brigitha Thalia
2nd Place Solo Song Performance by Fransiska Putri Ardi

Congratulations to all great kids. Keep up the good work to reach your dreams with SD Santa Maria.👏🏽🙏🏽