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Panen Karya

After going through a two-week period following an introduction to the school environment or MPLS on July 7-15 2023, the first graders showcased their work and talents at a work harvest event. Their performance was witnessed by their parents. The occasion displayed the work that has been done, or is proof of the learning and collaboration process between teachers and students after two weeks of attending the MPLS period. They also displayed their talents, interests and creativity such as singing, dancing, poetry, presenting project results, fashion shows, drummers performing, etc. Wearing different dress code for each class, all the children were happy and excited to appear in front of their mothers, fathers and teachers. The school is proud to have their extraordinary talents, because there are many superior seeds that can be developed in the future. We hope that this harvest of MPLS work will be the beginning of strengthening children’s character to become active, creative, innovative, independent, tough and care for their society and environment. Keep growing and shining, great students of SD SANTA MARIA!