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School Farewell

Santa Maria Elementary School held a farewell party for grade 6 students on June 3, 2023 at Alam Mayang recreation park. The event began with a class photo three group games carried out outdoors and guided by Mrs. Lidia.Ā  After the games, each class paraded into the Meranti pavilion, starting from class 6A to class 6G. The next event was hosted by three students, namely: Jessica, Nadine, Brilliant and his doll, Billio. The performances are: music ensembles, dances by extracurricular students from grades 5-6, class performances by Grade 6, dances by grade 6 teachers, screening of memorable videos and the awarding of nominations for the most unique students.

We are very proud of you, students! Congratulation for your graduation. Keep on growing on the next level, hopefully you will shine even more!