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Interactive Discussion with Riau Police

The 5th and 6th graders were sitting neatly listening to the speaker, Mr. AKBP M. Yunus, S.PSi, Msi during an Interactive Discussion with the topic of STOP BULLYING on Wednesday 18-5-2022. Students’ parents of grade 1-6 also participated through zoom meetings and live streaming on the YouTube channel of SD SANTA MARIA Pekanbaru. Mr. Yunus explained all things related to bullying. The children were happy and enthusiastic, especially when he gave rewards to students who could answer questions as well as students who dared to ask questions.

Thank you to Erlangga Publisher Pekanbaru for supporting this event. And big thank to the Riau Police, especially to Mr. Yunus, Head of Sub-Directorate for Bintipsos, Dit Bimmas, Riau Police.