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The New Pastors’ First Mass

We are very proud and grateful for the priestly ordination of Pastor Benedict Bagus Hanggoro Kasih, Pastor Antonius Roy Basuki and Pastor Thery Cholma Bancin on May 1 2024 by the Bishop Mgr. Vitus Rubianto Solichin in Kudus Pasaman, Padang.

Two of the three priests are alumni of Riau Prayoga Foundation school. Pastor Bagus is an alumnus of Santa Maria, Pekanbaru; Pastor Thery is an alumnus of Santo Tarcisius, Dumai. The First Mass for these three priests was held at Santa Maria Junior School on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 with theme “I can bear all things in Him who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13). The Mass was led directly by the three new priests, accompanied by Pastor Riduan Fransiskus Naibaho (Chairman of the Prayoga Riau Foundation), Pastor Otto Hasugian (Head of Santa Maria a Fatima Parish), and Pastor Alexius Sudarmanto (Chair of the Salus Infirmorum Foundation). The Mass was attended by Prayoga administrators, Foundation Activities Executives,  John Paul II Academy Foundation, nuns, education staff, teachers and students of Santa Maria. This event was celebrated with various performances from students of Santa Maria Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior and High School. On this friendly occasion, Pastor Roy, Pastor Bagus and Pastor Thery also shared their past experiences in school and seminary.

You’re a blessing to our church. May God bless you to be a great example of living a life of faith 🙏🤗